Full Pink Super Moon In Scorpio

The Message:

As of lately, the Star card has been poppin’ up on my radar! I am so grateful and so happy now that I can recognize and see the spiritual connection in all things, whether it’s challenging or easy AF! The reminder here is divine faith, and flowing in that divine light that keeps me going. This full moon energy speaks to my soul, in the sense that it is my faith that’s the driving force to keeping me sane, pushing me through these obstacles and challenges, and focusing on the light at the end of tunnel. I have so much on my plate right now, and at times when I wanna throw up my hands and say “f**k it”, synchronities…minor and major, guide me to stay on track.

I’m not gonna be long-winded about this message, AND the real message to be learned, honed, and reveled in, for me, is to stay on track. Seeing shit unfold and blossom because I’m taking my time with transitioning into the next phase of my life, feels so good. I find that when in situations where I’m rushed or I am impulsively acting out, I may get to where I was intended to be, but the road traveled be bumpy AF.

So, I’mma take this message and know that my inner self, creates that divine healing and resolution, broadening a whole new pathway of shit I imagined, wrote down, and manifested/ing.

Oh yeah, and to be in alignment with all this great favor, I choose to release self-sabotage. Last week, I kept seeing the Eight of Swords in my mind. I never pulled the card physically in a reading, but my spirit was trying to bring my attention to the very thing I needed to release, by having this card show up. So Spirit, I see you, I hear you, I feel you, and I’m doing my very best with keeping my eyes on the prize.

Any and all, who wish harm on me by way of gossiping, negative thinking, judgement, and all that low vibe shit…let it return back to you with the highest frequency of LOVE that’ll check the shit outta you so much, that you feel guilty about sending negativity to someone that ain’t even thinking about you. Be at peace with your business and your self! Ride your own personal wave of divinity and self-healing, and watch shit start opening up for you.

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