Self LOVE Weekend Vibes

An Insightful Guide to Getting Back to You (May 14-16)

Yeah, riding the waves of this life can be challenging, at times. You may feel torn in several decisions you gotta make. Mentally, you could be thinking about where you are now, and the past decisions that led you to your present moment. Are you questioning what you could’ve done to make it better? And if so, are you asking out of ego or some of that emotional intelligence?

For me, when thoughts and feelings like this pop up, I’m reminded to be grateful for wherever I am, which is a milestone to where I desire to be. Pull back from whatever it is taking the bulk of your attention away from your centered self. This weekend, pay special attention to the needs you want to make a priority.

I’m pretty sure you got your finger on a few things in your life that ALL need your attention…like, right now, in this moment.

Let’s remember to breathe through each moment with your focus on harmony and balance.

Gratitude is the best attitude to have while in this flow. I challenge myself at times to be a walking affirmation of gratitude. Like upon waking up… verbally giving thanks to WHATEVER! This little practice of mine keeps me in alignment with what I choose to manifest…it’s DEFINITELY a practice.

If you’re human like me, some days (or moments), the attitude be on some IDGAF! I just don’t be feeling like it!

Psst, come here…wanna know a good way to pluck your heartstrings?


Take LOVE-centered baths

Dance Like Nobody Is Watching

Organize Things In Your Life That Hold Special Meaning

Masturbation Meditation

After heightening your your sexual energy, flow in your creativity…whatever that means to you.

For me, creativity inspires me to believe, AND KNOW that what I’m in direct alignment with, is exactly where TF I need to be! And guess what? In this moment I’m still in gratitude mode. My mentality be like, ALL IS WELL!

Remedy Your Soul and Feminine Energy

This weekend, recognize your emotions in all the LOVE-centered activities you choose to indulge. Be like D’angelo and ask yourself, how does it feel…when you give attention to the things you LOVE to get into? A benefit to channeling your sexual energy into creative bliss, gives you a charge of heightened intuition. And as you know, emotional intelligence encourages intuitive, spirit-led, affirmative, and healing choices. You’re now able to focus on developing those ideas to help you manage through those challenging times.

The feeling of this new or rekindled LOVE for yourself, sets a tone of moving unimaginable joys into reality.

Alexa, play “All Gold Everything by Trinidad James“…but, just the chorus tho!

Flow & Grow, y’all!

Goddess Mena Love XOXO

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