Reprioritize Yo’ Given F**ks

An Insightful Guide to Getting Back to You (May 21-23)

Every time I see the Eight of Cups, I instantly think, “know when to walk away”.

I ain’t gonna lie…the many times it may have to take to walk away from something or somebody can be a challenge. While in this pre-retrograde shadow of Mercury Retrograde, anything that’s grabbing your attention to pull back…DO SO.

In this moment, I’m learning that when I don’t pull back my energy from “whomever and whatever”, a snowball effect of confusion and delays start to gain traction. The more I focus on that which is not working, the delayed response from “whomever and whatever” is increasingly stagnant. This could be anything, like a bad habit, an old way of thought, a relationship/partnership, or y’all lil’ soul contracts and twin flames shit….yeah, all of that.

Without totally getting in my business, I can share that I’ve pulled my energy back from certain mindsets that I’ve outgrown. From doing that, a REdirection occurred and I was able to put my energy into something that WAS ready for me.

See, when you put your energy into something or someone that ain’t ready for you…all that shit that you (be) wanting to work, be slow AF! You start thinking or taking it personal, as if it’s something wrong with you, when all you really need to do is redirect your focus and get into alignment with your purpose…because EVERY THING YOU DO HAS A PURPOSE.

You gotta be giving yo’ energy to shit that’s in your face, like ready to receive your energy. You gotta recognize and tend to the things and people that give a mutual exchange of high energy. You also gotta know when to walk the f**k away when shit doesn’t benefit yo’ purpose.

It takes strength, willpower, consistency, and discipline…and if you’re like me, that shit don’t ALWAYS come easy.

This weekend, let’s get into a vibe of redirecting our focus on what it looks like to remove your energy from shit that’s in the way of becoming the best version of you.

Zero F**KS to those that don’t make you a priority

Zero F**KS to those limiting beliefs (I CAN’T ass attitude”)

Zero F**KS to fear

Zero F**KS to your whole ego (in this moment)

I promise better shit awaits, when you focus on the purpose of why you do shit!

Fill your weekend mornings with LOVE to yourself (FIRST) by taking time to meditate (at least 5min), and journal your thoughts from what comes to you in those meditations. You’ll be in awe to see, believe, and know that the answers you seek, truly be within!

Alexa, play Zen The F**K Out by Big Sean”

Flow & Grow, y’all!

Goddess Mena Love XOXO

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