A Simple Way to Affirm Commitment to Yourself

Self-Love Weekend Vibes: An Insightful Guide to Getting Back to You (May 27-29)

When you feel like you can’t say NO to temptation….you gotta say NO, this weekend

You might get invited somewhere dope…you gotta say NO

Yo’ “sneaky link” might wanna set something up…you gotta say NO

Someone might throw some bullshit on you to make you FEEL like you gotta give them an answer in the moment…you gotta say NO.

Reassure yourself: Being unavailable to the things that can wait…is an act of self-LOVE.

Let’s get into the vibe of setting healthy boundaries.

Practice saying no to the things (and people) who aren’t your main priority at that moment. 

Practice releasing any guilt attached to how you choose to use your voice in a healthy way.

Some of y’all learning some cool shit, right now (spiritually & physically) and the more you delve deep in that, the more rewarding it will be.

Alexa, play Formation by Beyonce

Flow & Grow, y’all

Goddess Mena Love XOXO

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