Self Growth Through Tarot: Ace of Swords

I just had an amazing experience! 

Actually seeing something manifesting before my eyes.

Now, I’m not new to this…it’s just…it’s amazing to see E V E R Y time it happens!

So, last post (and this weekend’s Self LOVE reading) I mentioned the need to stay focused on studying and learning new shit. Well, currently I’m learning some cool ass shit, you know…personal preference type shit…and E V E R Y thing I’m learning in this moment is so important to my growth.

I’m just grateful to be conscious enough to catch it!

The inspiration coming through me,

is like, “W H O A”!

This is just a reminder, y’all..allow things to be revealed to you without the need to say anything. Shit, you busy minding the business that pays you, right?

Alexa, play Whoa by XXXTENTACION

Flow & Grow, y’all

Goddess Mena Love XOXO

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